The Glam Guide – a beauty lover’s best friend

The world of beauty is a daunting place, let me tell you. Some women just make it look so effortless, with their flawless skin, perfectly sculpted cheekbones and winged eye-liner that looks like they were born with it. Other women spend hours on the high street picking up product after product trying to figure out what it’s used for, only to set it down and walked away more confused than ever. For the longest time, I was the second one, and still am, on many occasions. Unlike many young girls, I didn’t start wearing make-up until I started university. For some reason it had never really held an appeal for me. When I finally did make the leap, I was clueless. I would walk into Boots armed with my purse, and then spend the next half hour or so awkwardly shifting through product after product, only to leave, empty hands covered in swatches of shades I would never wear. There were just so many products. What ones did I need? Did I need all of them? Surely not.

Desperate for answers, I went looking online, eventually stumbling upon YouTube. I instantly became hooked on the endless amount of beauty videos. If you’re only getting into make-up and skincare, then YouTube can be your best friend. If you’re like me, and you hate parting with your money, YouTube is the perfect place to do your research before buying a product. Upon discovering the world of the beauty blogger, I quickly set up an account, subscribing to the girls whose opinions I trusted the most. The next time I walked up to the make-up counters, I knew what I was about.

There are some YouTube accounts I trust more than others, one of them being Fleur de Force. Aside from being a lovely person, Fleur just seems to know what she’s talking about. Her videos are informative, well put together and honest. I’ve watched her for several years now, and so I was more than excited when she revealed that she would be releasing a book.

The Glam Guide is just like Fleur’s channel, helpful and gorgeously put together. It has a classic, chic vibe, reminiscent of Fleur herself.  It’s the sort of book you can read time and time again when you need inspiration, one that will never go out of style sitting on your dressing table. What I loved most about the book was that Fleur doesn’t make it into a set of rules for the reader. She doesn’t tell you that you must apply your make-up a certain way, or dress like everyone else. It’s the perfect book for anybody who is nervous about trying to find their own particular style, or holy grail products. She gives you guidelines, but never forces you down a path towards purchases you don’t really want or need.

Of all the chapters, the one on beauty was the most informative to me, which didn’t come as a surprise, given the nature of Fleur’s channel on YouTube. If there’s one thing Fleur seems to know what she’s talking about, it’s the world of skin-care and make-up. With each page, she breaks it down into easy, manageable chunks for the reader. She even explains that ominous list of products we’ve all been warned about, but don’t really know why.

Every chapter in this book is useful in some shape or form for every girl reading it. Whether it’s the guide to quick and healthy lunches (hello, portable salad in a jar!), easy home-made face and hair masks or finding the perfect pair of jeans, Fleur has put in something for almost everyone reading it. The Glam Guide is a lovely book for a girl of any age to own. From young girls just getting into make-up, fashion and skin care, to someone looking for inspiration to renew themselves in some way, The Glam Guide is the perfect companion for any girl trying her best to become her version of beautiful.

Happy Reading!



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