Hey there!

This is an entirely new concept for me – putting my own opinions out into the limelight. Up until now I had been a long-time lurker; I would read blogpost after blogpost, finding out what others think about something I myself am curious about. Blogs make the internet seem smaller in a way, while making you completely aware of how massive it really is. You could get lost in the forest of blogs; drown in a sea of opinions and information.

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting my own blog for quite some time. I didn’t have a clue of what I should write about though; I enjoy a great deal of things in life, but I wanted my blog to be about something I’m really interested in, because I feel that if you truly love what you’re doing, it will show to everyone around you. And if there’s one thing I love, it is reading. I am an avid reader; I will read anything you set in front of me – I have a vague memory of my eight-year-old self, curled up in my Nanny’s front room, eagerly reading Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes during the weekly Sunday visit. I don’t think I even really enjoyed the story, (from what I remember it was rather morbid), and I never got chance to finish it – my mum caught me reading it, and deemed it inappropriate for a child – which it was. But I didn’t care what it was about; I was simply hungry for words. And to this day I still am.

The Word Review will be my own personal opinion on a wide range of books. I’ve only just scratched the surface, and I cannot wait to dive deeper into the world of books.

Here it is: one girl’s opinion on a world of books.

Happy Reading!



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